Professor Eduardo Tomé

PhD in Economics in 2001 at the Technical University in Lisbon

Eduardo Tomé made his PhD in Economics in 2001 at the Technical University in Lisbon, with a dissertation on Vocational Training and the European Social Fund. Since then he published 38 papers in peer-reviewed Journals, 6 chapters in books and presented 64 papers in International Conferences, and 33 of these works are in the SCOPUS database. He also led the organization of four well-attended international conferences in the intangibles domain, from which resulted 3 special Issues in international journals. His main interests are HRD, Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital, and sometimes International Economics and Social Policy. He is a member of several Editorial Boards and reviewers boards of SCOPUS Journals. Since 2013, Eduardo is working at Universidade Europeia. From the Laureatte Group in Lisbon, Portugal


Maria José Sousa

(PhD in Management) is a University Professor and a research fellow of CIEO (Algarve University) and BRU-ISCTE/IUL

Her research interests currently are information science, innovation and business management issues, with a particular focus on the learning and knowledge management processes. She is a best seller author in ICT and People Management and has co-authored over 50 articles and book chapters and published in several scientific journals (e.g. I. J. of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Knowledge Management, I.J. of Systems and Service-Oriented Engineering, Journal Business and Economics and Information Systems Frontiers and others), she has also organized and peer-reviewed international conferences, and is the guest-editor of one Special Issue. She has participated in several European projects of innovation transfer (with a total budget of about 1.6 million €) and is also External Expert of COST Association - European Cooperation in Science and Technology and President of the ISO/TC 260 – Human Resources Management, representing Portugal in the International Organization for Standardization.

Sandra Costa

University Professor and a PhD Student.

Assistant Professor at the Universidade Europeia Lisbon, since March 2001 (former ISLA). She has a degree in IT Management by the Universidade Europeia. She's PhD student in Management from the Universidade Europeia. Its key research interests are:Discursive Analysis; Social Construction driven by Online Conversations; Organizational Change Management; Sense-making; social construction about organizational change at online forum conversations; How to use online conversations to transform in-consequent organizational changes into consequent organizational changes.

She teaches at the Universidade Europeia in the areas of IT Systems, Information Technology, Support Systems Decision, Systems Analysis and Software Engineering. She held the management positions in various branches of companies and is General Manger of Intelioffice, the company's area of Information Technology, Software, Web Development and Advertising.

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