The Conference

cgh content bkg meetings n conferencesThe 18th Edition of the UFHRD Conference to be held in Lisbon at Universidade Europeia, in June 2017, will be a extraordinary opportunity for learning, researching and networiking. We really want to continue the success of UFHRD Conferences in the last years, with the increasing numbers of participants, countries, and papers, and also with the increase in the quality and variety of research.

We selected as main topic Indigenous HRD in a Context of Globalisation. We believe that HRD is a global science for a Global world but also that national and local specificities are fundamental to give depth and meaning to the discipline and we look forward to explore that balance and relation with the Conference.

We are happy and proud with the possibility of organizing the conference and will do our maximum to give you an excellent and extraordinary journey.

Therefore we welcome participants from the countries that relate more closely to UFHRD but also to many others, from America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Let’s make UFHRD a big occasion, full of global and indigenous bright ideas.
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