The University
venueUniversidade Europeia (UE) is part Laureatte International University (LIU - group. LIU is a vast group of Universities at a global scale, counting presently 1 million students, in 28 countries and 80 institutions with a business volume of billions of dollars yearly. UE was made over the foundations of ISLA, an Institution that in the 60s was pioneer in teaching courses of HR in Portugal.
Within the scope of LIU the mission of Universidade Europeia is to Create Global Professionals, and Contribute to the development of global society by preparing students, promoting an entrepreneurial attitude, based on the principles of social responsibility, internationalization, research excellence and employability. Also EU’s vision is to be a reference international University and the first choice of students and employers. Finally EU’s intends to train entrepreneurs and top professionals, through innovative methods, preparing them for the global market, with rigor, diversity, universality and innovation.

Currently UE has 6000 students, in three faculties – Business, Hospitality and Arts, and at the graduate. Masters and PhD levels. Many of the students come from abroad using Erasmus, the LIU network and the connections of Portugal to overseas Portuguese speaking countries. UE is very attractive because of LIUs connections. LIU and UE’s goal is to increase largely the current figures by 2020. Given the current global economic trends and the recent economic developments in Portugal, LIU and UE want to create a new, different and valuable opportunity for the Portuguese youth.

The Conference will be very important for UE by a number of reasons. Firstly it will interest the HR lecturers and students, and HR is a very important topic in UE studies. In fact a considerable number of UE Professors lecture HR related subjects. The degree in Human Resources is one of the most important in terms of number of students in the graduation offer by UE. HR related subjects exist in almost all the other first cycle, second cycle and third cycle degrees in UE.

Also the conference will be one opportunity for these Professors, and also the masters and PhD students with an interest in HR to present their research and network. Also as an institution UE may be reinforced locally, nationally and internationally by a success organizing the Conference.
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